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Saturday, December 29, 2012

to the infinity and beyond

first of all, i wanna say sorry for my absence which i counted, almost 2 weeks with no post. should i swipe my blog cause theres too dusty here. anyway, if you love watch movies, you may sounds so familiar with this line, "to the infinity and beyond". yes, its the famous pick up line from toys story, specifically, buzz character, which i adore so much! i love buzz and i can't get enough of him. my outfit in this post is like my daily outfit everyday that i can wear all day long. simple, colorful, and so me. and that outfit inspired by the one and only, buzz lightyear.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

chelsea all the way

well, my parents once said that promise is still a promise. so, to fulfill my promise to you guys, another blog post for you even its already night here. but, no complaining. blogging is such a fun thing to do! hey girls, happy weekend anyway! according to Indonesia's time its already saturday. and sunday is coming in less than 3 hours.
i know its weekend, so I'm not gonna post something so heavy. i mean like, very simple and casual outfit.

back in my previous post. i showed you my other side. feminine. but now, back to the boyish style that i love. actually, this jersey is my favorite tee nowadays. its actually simple jersey, but as my special request to the tailor, taddaaa! crop tee jersey maybe?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

another history to tell

bonjour everyone. since i want to do a little revenge to my lack post months ago, i promise to myself to keep updating this blog at least once in a week. so, I'm gonna post something new again. and surprise surprise, i post something a little bit different with my previous post. here is the teaser :

Thursday, December 6, 2012

black to december and studded tutorial

I know. I'm such a lazy blogger and some of you may think that I'm not that serious. but, i have an excuse for my absence in november. I'm too busy to handle everything. and Im really sorry for that. and to make it equal, how about a long post that you will love? andddddd, before I'm writing another long story, i want to thank to all of you guys who already joined my halloween giveaway. and the winner is:

to the winner, you can contact me by email or twitter to get your gift :) 
back to my post, december is really a month that I love. because the christmas spirit is finally here and the atmosphere sudden changed, and all i feel is happy! back to my outfit look, i still going for black and play rebel. this outfit is really comfortable anyway. 

ah and anyway, this shirt is too plain for me. so i added the studded. actually, my boyfriend did it for me, but it was my idea. sorry yang, it still me who got the reward for this genius idea. the studded actually comes in silver, bronze and gold. but the gold already sold out. my boyfriend chose silver, but i still want the bronze. cause it will add color to this plain shirt. its from my shop, sacs et chaussures. and as i told you at the beginning. it will be long. so i will give you simple tutorial how to add this beautiful friends to your lonely clothes.

Monday, October 22, 2012

summer after highschool

well, you guys may wondering. I'm sucks at picking title. this one is from my favorite lyric by katy perry. anyway, its not summer again. but in my city its always summer and im cool with it. not because i love the sun but i can wear colorful outfit anywhere. ah and to be true, im not a high school student. im not that young. but yes, it feels just yesterday wearing my purple white uniform. yes, im in national plus school thats why im not wearing grey white just like the others.

back to my outfit look. actually today is just another simple outfit that i wear and its true that back in few days i really in love to denim. lately i start to haunt anything denim and i found that having denim is such a lifesaver in every outfit. who's with me?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

peace and love

finally, new post again. I'm quite disappointed to myself because i lost my camera's battery. and it sucks, i can't have a good quality for my birthday dinner. my sister captured all of the photos with my iPhone. and thanked God, the camera is better than my iPad. so i can have better picture. yes, i celebrated my birthday yesterday with my family and my boyfriend, ivan. actually my little sister is having her birthday on 25th of september. one day earlier from me. but we still celebrate it together. and back to my personal style today, i don't wear anything too formal. because we went to angus house, which mean, should go to wtc.. if you guys from surabaya, you must know that wtc is scary. and i cant wear anything too eye-catching there. people will stare at us so badly.

here is the details for my outfit yesterday. still simple but also colorful :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

goodbye blonde

hello there! finally new outfit post. there's a lot struggle in blogging. but finally, i can post this blog. and, I'm so happy to finally blogging. scroll down and know me more.

yup. notice some differences? i cut my bangs. but it was terrible. because my face is actually round. and this make it more worst. and if you have read my posts before, i dyed my hair back to black. but not just plain black. but with ombre color. i choose red. because i love it. extremely fun!
not only with the hair issues but also my curve body. I'm getting fatter! worst. thats why I'm going to plan some diet. any idea?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

midnight sun

hello girls, hope you fine. not too much writing, I'm going to have a test and write this very quickly. another post for outfit. and I'm sorry if the quality is really bad. my boyfriend is not here so i need to edit my photos by myself. and I'm sorry, because i can't edited it well. and the picture quality just so bad. i know, again, I'm sorry. this is because actually i want to took the photos in the evening. but we rushed! the movie starts in 30minutes and i don't even in the mall yet. so i decided to took the photos in my living room in the night. so here we are.

actually i want to take the photo for this skirt long time ago. but i don't have any time to take it. so when the is right i finally have an idea to take this skirt with my laces top. laces is so back months ago. but with fashion, it will never too late. because of the color, i decided to wear something brighter and more colorful. so i paired yellow and grey. not bad right?

ah, to be true i want to wear high heels but i decided to make it more vintage by wearing those shoes. what do you think?

anyway, the bag is my 2nd anniversary gift from  my boyfriend. thanks to you. love is when you give the girls something that useful for her blog. LOL! just kidding.

laces top - forever 21
asymmetric skirt - sacs et chaussures
shoes - random store
bag - charles and keith
accessories - random store

anyway, goodbye girls! see you in another post! and wish me good luck for my test. hope can past this term without bad grades even I'm so lazy. hahaha. don't forget join my giveaway girls. caoo!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

united kingdomnese

Finally! new post again. i want to be a blogger so i try to update my blogger frequently. these photos are captured and edited by my boyfriend, Ivan. thank you so much sayang. this post is my favorite one. so colorful and so me. this outfit inspired from one direction. they became one of my favorite boyband. the fashion are so inspired. i watched their music video and saw so many girls are screaming. i was so mesmerized by their fashion! england is totally inspires me.

scroll down to look at the details

if you're questioning about the thing that i brought in my hands are my iPad. yes, the stickers i put is union jack just because i love those pattern so much. bags, ring are union jack's too. so in love! and my bow tie, actually its not a tie. its my hair clip. i bought it a long time ago. and to make it more chic, i used that as my bow tie, cuteness.

bowler hat - sacs et chaussures
plaid shirt - gaudi
bag - random shop
ring - sacs et chaussures
pants - zara
shoes - adorable project

so, what do you think about this post? simple comment can make me smile! see you at the another post girls. oh anyway, if you're selling these lovely pattern, contact me! i want the asap. and last thing i want to say, don't forget to join my giveaway. they will closed on 10th of june. get 5 rings for you girls. cheers!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

final chance

this style today inspires from the dress that i bought a long time ago, but i never wear it. i just love the pattern. and the cotton, its so comfortable. but i don't have the right time to wear it. luckily, i have the chance last saturday to wear it. but i won't make it too formal so i wear this plaid shirt to make it more casual. i love the vintage looks yet the shoes just so adorable. not my type of color, but i love it in the very first time i looked at this shoes.

and for the accessories, i wear the leather bracelet so its not too different with the plaid shirt that i wore. for the ring, double nails ring will never goes wrong.

plaid shirt - zara
mini dress - forever 21
leather bracelet and accessories - sacs et chaussures online shop
shoes - adorable project

anyway, i gonna make my first giveaway. so, better stay tune in my next blog. there will be 5 winner there. yes, 5 WINNER! so, don't forget to check out my blog.
see ya girls.

Monday, May 7, 2012

thank you avengers

last saturday, was really a different weekend for me. know why? i don't have any date. but special date!
i bought avengers ticket last tuesday and decided to watch it with my mom, my sisters, my sister boyfriend and my boyfriend.
i never see grand city just as crowded as that day. bet they watch avengers. hahahaha

oh, talking about the outfit that i wore that day, i wore my forever 21 orange shirt. its chiffon anyway. actually, i don't like chiffon as well. i love soft material. such as silk or cotton.
chiffon is soft, but not so me. thoughts?
and, to make it look so playful, i took my favorite accessories, bowler hat!
by the way, why i chose that short pants, thats because, surabaya is so hot lately. literally hot!
and if you're asking about my pants, yes, its cute! you can see the pocket. i love that pants. actually my sister pants. hahaha

as you seen the picture above, nothing much for the make up. just simple make up and cute hello kitty glasses. this just too cute to be true! cause the truth is, i love hello kitty since a long time ago. and can wear her glasses, just made my day.

and for the whole accessories i wore that day, is nothing much too. my favorite rosario necklace. i bought it from (x)xml. and the ring is unbranded.
do you find the layer is too edgy? yes, thats because actually the ring is double ring. i should put it in different fingers. but i chose to wear it differently by put it together. and the result? EDGY, period.

nothing to write again. feel so blessed by writing this blog by my new iMac. thanks daddy and mommy.
see you soon in another post, peeps!
hope you watch avengers as soon as possible. cause that movie is totally awesome!
and please, leave some comment to my post.
need to know you guys better and hope you can give me some negative or positive comment
that will be priceless ! 


shirt - forever 21
jeans - unbranded, thailand
bowler hat - unbranded, online shop
hellokitty glasses - singapore
accessories - necklace;(x)sml and ring;unbranded
bags - unbranded, thailand
shoes - adorable project

Thursday, April 19, 2012

im indonesian

well said chelsea. im not that big fan of football. but i heard that chelsea is played good last night. well, i lied. im not a big fan of football, but yes! i do love Frank Lampard. if you dont know him, better check from google.
the first time i watched football is when i still in my junior high school. its the world cup season. since then, i love England more than ever. i still remember, England lose from Portugal that time. but, as you know, handsome men will never go anywhere. Beckham, Terry, Lampard are another prove that i do love England team.

enough said of football, my country here, is just like another country who has many supporters that really loyal to the team. a year ago, Indonesia showed the world how good they played and winning 2nd place.
since then, so many Indonesia players are getting famous and became model, actress or anything
to be true, i love 2 men from Indonesia's team.
Irfan Bachdim and Diego. they really caught my eyes. and i started to buy their jersey
so, this one of my photoshoot wearing Indonesia jersey.

irfan bachdim's jersey

ripped jeans - unbranded

the vincci


photo credits
gary agusto

last words to say, im proud to be Indonesian. i know someday Indonesia's football will getting better even theres so many problems.
so, girls, have you ever feel proud to wear the jersey? thoughts?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

bluey sunday

well, last sunday, finally after a month, i can wake up in the morning. so, i decided to join my family for going to church after a long time. i was so sleepy, but thank God, i still have time to prepare.
i felt so blue, so i chose to wear blue as much as i can.

here is my look for my bluey sunday, enjoy girls :)

nerdy glasses by rayban wayrafer
sky blue shirt - unbranded, thailand
tanktop by zara
ripped jeans by paris hilton collection
bag - unbranded

accessories details :
heart ring by forever 21
leather bracelet - unbranded

shoes by charles and keith

talking about the pump heels, i super love this charles and keith collection. its made of crocodile leather. grey color but with dark blue color in the back of the heels.

after having 2hours church time, we went to mercure hotel to have breakfast. what i love from mercure dimsum is the cakwe with mayonnaise. super tasty! all of my family were there. it was a happy day anyway. here is bonus picture for you guys.

siomay. my favorite dimsum ever

sorry, you cant eat these one

so, how blue my sunday was? thoughts?