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Sunday, June 3, 2012

final chance

this style today inspires from the dress that i bought a long time ago, but i never wear it. i just love the pattern. and the cotton, its so comfortable. but i don't have the right time to wear it. luckily, i have the chance last saturday to wear it. but i won't make it too formal so i wear this plaid shirt to make it more casual. i love the vintage looks yet the shoes just so adorable. not my type of color, but i love it in the very first time i looked at this shoes.

and for the accessories, i wear the leather bracelet so its not too different with the plaid shirt that i wore. for the ring, double nails ring will never goes wrong.

plaid shirt - zara
mini dress - forever 21
leather bracelet and accessories - sacs et chaussures online shop
shoes - adorable project

anyway, i gonna make my first giveaway. so, better stay tune in my next blog. there will be 5 winner there. yes, 5 WINNER! so, don't forget to check out my blog.
see ya girls.

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