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Saturday, December 29, 2012

to the infinity and beyond

first of all, i wanna say sorry for my absence which i counted, almost 2 weeks with no post. should i swipe my blog cause theres too dusty here. anyway, if you love watch movies, you may sounds so familiar with this line, "to the infinity and beyond". yes, its the famous pick up line from toys story, specifically, buzz character, which i adore so much! i love buzz and i can't get enough of him. my outfit in this post is like my daily outfit everyday that i can wear all day long. simple, colorful, and so me. and that outfit inspired by the one and only, buzz lightyear.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

chelsea all the way

well, my parents once said that promise is still a promise. so, to fulfill my promise to you guys, another blog post for you even its already night here. but, no complaining. blogging is such a fun thing to do! hey girls, happy weekend anyway! according to Indonesia's time its already saturday. and sunday is coming in less than 3 hours.
i know its weekend, so I'm not gonna post something so heavy. i mean like, very simple and casual outfit.

back in my previous post. i showed you my other side. feminine. but now, back to the boyish style that i love. actually, this jersey is my favorite tee nowadays. its actually simple jersey, but as my special request to the tailor, taddaaa! crop tee jersey maybe?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

another history to tell

bonjour everyone. since i want to do a little revenge to my lack post months ago, i promise to myself to keep updating this blog at least once in a week. so, I'm gonna post something new again. and surprise surprise, i post something a little bit different with my previous post. here is the teaser :

Thursday, December 6, 2012

black to december and studded tutorial

I know. I'm such a lazy blogger and some of you may think that I'm not that serious. but, i have an excuse for my absence in november. I'm too busy to handle everything. and Im really sorry for that. and to make it equal, how about a long post that you will love? andddddd, before I'm writing another long story, i want to thank to all of you guys who already joined my halloween giveaway. and the winner is:

to the winner, you can contact me by email or twitter to get your gift :) 
back to my post, december is really a month that I love. because the christmas spirit is finally here and the atmosphere sudden changed, and all i feel is happy! back to my outfit look, i still going for black and play rebel. this outfit is really comfortable anyway. 

ah and anyway, this shirt is too plain for me. so i added the studded. actually, my boyfriend did it for me, but it was my idea. sorry yang, it still me who got the reward for this genius idea. the studded actually comes in silver, bronze and gold. but the gold already sold out. my boyfriend chose silver, but i still want the bronze. cause it will add color to this plain shirt. its from my shop, sacs et chaussures. and as i told you at the beginning. it will be long. so i will give you simple tutorial how to add this beautiful friends to your lonely clothes.