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Saturday, December 29, 2012

to the infinity and beyond

first of all, i wanna say sorry for my absence which i counted, almost 2 weeks with no post. should i swipe my blog cause theres too dusty here. anyway, if you love watch movies, you may sounds so familiar with this line, "to the infinity and beyond". yes, its the famous pick up line from toys story, specifically, buzz character, which i adore so much! i love buzz and i can't get enough of him. my outfit in this post is like my daily outfit everyday that i can wear all day long. simple, colorful, and so me. and that outfit inspired by the one and only, buzz lightyear.

here are the photos. scroll down!

and as you can see, the colors are so buzz. green, a purple, white. but to make it more stunning in my way, i added some gold accessories. what do you think?
and here is the details for the accessories :

and just like what i do in every of my post, i have every story to tell. cause i feel like blog is my online diary. you're not only seeing my pictures but also reading my stories. thats why, it will be a little different with the other blog. sorry if it make you bored. but its a must for me. i have to give you something that priceless, experience. i know, some of you may older, but experiences of every people are different right? why you don't read and learn something?

so, new year is coming. we will come to the whole new world. 2013. it sounds so scary. i know. no one knows what our future will look like. but don't you scared. because everything will comes out really good in the end. don't ever regrets what you have before. learn something and make it extra ordinary.

and theres one thing that make me feel braver than before to face the new world. we need to have something infinity and beyond. guess what it is? yes, love. i tweeted it, that my 77th years old grandpa once said to me, "the recipe of long life is, don't put any hate in your heart. try to forgive quickly, and forget easily. and i guess its right. when you give love, people will love you back. and love will conquer all right? love doesn't mean loving your boyfriend only. love can also mean love everyone around you, your society, your body, even your sad moments. try to cherish everything while you can. you don't know when the world will ends. so make it unforgettable. cause we want to have something infinity and beyond. am i right?

and some of friends, laugh at me. because at this age, i still love cartoon that doesn't even real. i know, but every people have their own role model. and i feel like, i can learn something also from every movie i watch. dream is meant to be for every of us. just like this outfit, its inspired from buzz. who knows? inspiration can come from anywhere, including, your favorite cartoon character. anyway, i have a crazy announcement later!

white shirt - unbranded
pants - zara
wedges - adorable project
bag - furl
accessories - sacsetchaussures

these photo is from my instagram. follow me : windiwuisan :)

aaaaand its still december. i hope your christmas spirit still there. i just want to say merry christmas for you guys who celebrated it! i hope your new year will be as blast as your christmas. and christmas miracle will always be with you.


  1. lovely outfit ♥
    love the shoes :)

  2. your necklace is stunning! lovely shots. and i love your grandpa's quote <3

  3. I love the colour combination in your outfit, especially the colour of your bag!
    I couldn't agree more with you, I feel like all of us have regrets, and I think we all deal with life differently. Some find it hard to move on from the past, but others don't. I think it's only up to us to try and find happiness by cherishing everything that's with us at present.
    Happy new year! :)

  4. love the quote from your grandfather dear^^ he's such a wise man. Btw, love your look, esp. the bag! :D
    Happy new year!


  5. You're so gorgeous!! I love them all (; Super chic
    Check my fashion blog out? xx

  6. totally love this look!
    happy new year !
    style frontier

  7. you are so lovely! I love this look too, and good ol buzz