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Sunday, August 31, 2014

worth fighting for

"this love has taken prisoner in my heart
its got hold on me
there's no escape and there's no breaking free
but darling can't you see
that you're worth fighting for
i don't regret a single day
since we met half a world away"

Worth Fighting For -- Taylor Henderson

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


"i'd sing your name over the airwaves
crush your couch and sleep off or stay awake
if not tonight, maybe tomorrow
cause im hung up, im shook up
im lovestruck"
-- Lovestruck, The Vamps

finally guys, Malaysia have nice weather today. if not hazy, its raining when its supposed to be sunny. and when i decided to taking pictures today, its shining bright. guess im so lucky today.
these pictures taken by my friend, Kimberly. she's helping me took these pictures just before lunch. and the fun part, this place only 5 minutes from my college. and the security guard is really nice. he let us took some pictures without complaining.