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Monday, June 16, 2014

stay with me

"i dont want you to leave, would you hold my hand?
oh won't you stay with me? cause you're all i need"
-- Stay With Me, Sam Smith

Friday, June 6, 2014

another restart

omg. i'm so happy that i finally move to Malaysia. and i finally have the chance to blogging again. and i kinda tear up a bit when people asked me in my instagram and my ask fm when i will update again. it means so much to me that knowing someone is actually reading my non sense talking and my daily outfits that nothing compares to other.

a little story to begin, i finally out from my comfort zone. i live all alone now. no family, just new friends that surprisingly very nice to me. truth to be told, i kinda afraid first time, what my friends gonna like. are they nice? are they fake? long questions in my head. but i have the answer now. they so nice to me. even im the only Indonesian in my class. they treat me like others. even sometimes languange is the thing that lacking between us. but doesn't mean kindness is not speakng right? even thig blog post, my friend helped me to took the photos before we're having dinner. and dont ask why its so bright outside if i want to have dinner. even at 8pm its still shining bright. weird thing!

okay, so as you expect. nothing glamour or too much from this outfit. i just picked this for dinner. so simple yet so me. i hope you enjoy! and sorry for no make up thing. i kinda rush a bit. HEHEHE