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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

[Make Up Review] 3CE Lip Pigment

To start my blog, I really am sorry for MIA for almost 1 year. Its being an upside down to me. Moved back to my hometown and taking care of everything, I miss ranting in this blog. Though I always think that no one read my blog, I always find new people dropped new comments and feedback in my blog. That made me realize that I feel thankful for everything I've been going through. Whatever problems I have, it's always a new beginning for me. An end to the problem, a beginning for new journey. So, to begin this blog post, its not going to be my outfit post. I don't really have time and people to help me to take the photos. But i kinda miss blogging and talking about everything. That's why I decided to make a new post. Just to say hi and all.

As you know, internet can be a scary place and a new help for you. For me, I'm the person that always using internet everyday. But, hey, who's not? In this era, everyone finding it so easy to do everything with internet. Buying food, learning make up, finding inspiration, even sometimes searching for help with whatever thing you struggle with. Like me, even when I have something going on, like stomachache, I decided to search up in internet. How to cure my stomachache, and luckily, its working! So, I think that why not giving people information that they need just by clicking your computer.

There's this thing that I always do, shopping. People may think that I have some addiction with it. But let's be real, shopping can cure your broken heart and gloomy days, so why not? The thing that I buy when I go to shopping is always different. I never make a list what to buy, I'm a spontaneous person. And sometimes when I open up my drawer, I found things that I even forget how it get there. So, why not making it into good thing? I decided that I will do some review in food, make up, clothes, accessories, anything that I buy or I like.

Going on, this is my first review in make up. Its going to be a lot of mistakes, but I hope you guys understand and giving me your feedback. What do you think about the way I do review in products. Last October, I changed some of my make up products to Korea Brand. Why I did that? Its simple. To me, Korea products fits me well since I'm Asian, the shade, the texture, even the price. And until now I quite satisfied with some of Korea products. I will review it again in another post. But for today post, I do the review for 3CE Lip Pigment.

3CE itself, became really famous in 2014-2015 in Asia. You can find the products in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia. Indonesian, you're not so lucky. Cause these products are available in a lot of online shop, but I don't know how trusted the online shop is. Whether its an original product or fake. Cause I found that now Bangkok is selling a lot of fake 3CEs. For Singapore and Malaysia you can find it in Sephora. They have the basic stuff but not too complete unlike Thailand. In Bangkok, I purchased some of the stuffs, and luckily when I went to Malaysia, I can't find it. Like the brushes, you have to purchase it in Thailand. Because Sephora doesn't provide that and the make up bags. Also the option is not really diverse. Because in Thailand, they have the official store adjoin with Style Nanda in Emquartier Shopping Mall. Emquartier is a new shopping mall in Thailand that targeted the upper middle class. Its quite complicated where the 3CE located and also some of the Thai people that I asked not really good in English, so I can't find it quickly, but after asking some people, I get to get there. Since I live in Indonesia, shopping in other country means you have to compare the currency. Of course, Singapore is not your option. Because the SGD is going crazy these past months. It made the price of some products are more expensive if you compare it to Thailand or Malaysia currency. So which country in the cheapest for the 3CE products? You will quite surprise. Its Malaysia. Yes, if you compare your Indonesian Rupiah to others, you can take home more products from Malaysia rather than Thailand. I know its confusing you, because Baht is cheaper than Ringgit. In Sephora Malaysia, I settled. I have to buy these products cause I love the lipstick and I think that it will goes the same with another products.

For the Lip Pigment, you can find it in various color. But since I conclude that some of my lipstick are only red, I want to try another color. I choose the "Electric Pink" and "Bright Orange". Orange is quite new for me. I never have orange color before. But after addicted to K-Drama, K-Pop and a lot of another Ks, I'm quite curious with the orange color that they use in many K-pop MV and CF. Little information for you, if you have fair skin, orange will suit you really well!