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sacs et chaussures

so, if you guys wondering why the name of my blog is a little bit hard to read its because its in french. and i love to share the story with you guys.

basically, i really love bags and shoes. i can go a day with simple t-shirt but not without good bags or shoes. i can't tell how many times I'm craving for good shoes or bags. but if you ask me what kind of bags or shoes, i can't answer. i never stuck in a brand or model. I'm the kinda girl who love any kind of bags and shoes and doesn't think twice to buy them if they're good. who's same with me?

and anyway, sacs means bags. and chaussures means shoes. all of them in french, i said it before.
why i chose french not english? i thought that bags and shoes are too simple for words. you can't marked it really well. and I chose french not the other language just because, i love everything french(y). i love everything about them. the food, the language, the city and of course the brand that they made. one day, i would love to come and experience myself about this city

anyway, i know i'm not that kind of blogger that can update almost everyday, but bare with me. this is like my personal online diary to me. i write it not because i want to be famous or stuff. i just really wanna share my interests and a lot of stuff that happening in my life. so, follow me, and i would love to following you in any kind of social media. cant wait to hear more from you

your online friend,
windi xx