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Thursday, April 19, 2012

im indonesian

well said chelsea. im not that big fan of football. but i heard that chelsea is played good last night. well, i lied. im not a big fan of football, but yes! i do love Frank Lampard. if you dont know him, better check from google.
the first time i watched football is when i still in my junior high school. its the world cup season. since then, i love England more than ever. i still remember, England lose from Portugal that time. but, as you know, handsome men will never go anywhere. Beckham, Terry, Lampard are another prove that i do love England team.

enough said of football, my country here, is just like another country who has many supporters that really loyal to the team. a year ago, Indonesia showed the world how good they played and winning 2nd place.
since then, so many Indonesia players are getting famous and became model, actress or anything
to be true, i love 2 men from Indonesia's team.
Irfan Bachdim and Diego. they really caught my eyes. and i started to buy their jersey
so, this one of my photoshoot wearing Indonesia jersey.

irfan bachdim's jersey

ripped jeans - unbranded

the vincci


photo credits
gary agusto

last words to say, im proud to be Indonesian. i know someday Indonesia's football will getting better even theres so many problems.
so, girls, have you ever feel proud to wear the jersey? thoughts?


  1. just found your blog.
    followed,really love your blog.
    mind to follow back my blog?thanks

    1. hey, thanks so much for your feedback. I'll check yours

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    1. hey. super thank you :) nice to see your comment in my post :D

  4. the jeans are so streetstyle. Lovin it. You made that shirt look sexy with this outfit. keep postin lovely. Oh and btw, you can try resizing your images to larger ones, it looks better when it's a tad bit bigger ;)