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who am i ?

people known me as Windi. i will be 21 this year. i know 20 is hard enough, so i hope it will be nice to finally legal all around the world. now i temporarily living in Malaysia. i study as a Pastry Chef here. i will be going back to Indonesia soon and hope can pursue this career.

fashion to me

fashion to me is my mood booster. when i dress up, i can be anyone who i like. i can be someone who i love, or even pretending to be someone that i adore. but also in the same time, i can be true to myself about who i really am. fashion to me is a drug to killing pains. a drug to heal a broken heart. and also, my very best friend that accompanying me everyday.

my personal style

i once read that don't take life too serious. thats why i never put fashion to the serious way. you will lose the sense of having fun. so if they asked me whats personal style, i will answer it with : bold, fun and me.

fashion inspiration

theres a lot of fashion designer, but mostly, i inspired with bloggers, pictures and music or movie. i prefer to inspired by street style. not that type of high fashion. but if i do once, it will be a lot of fun.

best supporter

you know, that being who you really are is extremely hard. not because you can't find your personality, but because social life is cruel. they judge and they will never forget once you do something wrong. but i thanked God theres a lot of people who supporting me to be the one and only. my mother, my father and my sisters.


blogging is my other way to express myself. so, i don't have any expectations to make my blog a hits. i prefer to make my blog an inspiration for another people or something they want to know more and more. because its my media to express not to show off. but yes, thank you people who following and keep reading my posts.