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Saturday, December 15, 2012

chelsea all the way

well, my parents once said that promise is still a promise. so, to fulfill my promise to you guys, another blog post for you even its already night here. but, no complaining. blogging is such a fun thing to do! hey girls, happy weekend anyway! according to Indonesia's time its already saturday. and sunday is coming in less than 3 hours.
i know its weekend, so I'm not gonna post something so heavy. i mean like, very simple and casual outfit.

back in my previous post. i showed you my other side. feminine. but now, back to the boyish style that i love. actually, this jersey is my favorite tee nowadays. its actually simple jersey, but as my special request to the tailor, taddaaa! crop tee jersey maybe?

i know some of you may see it in online shop. but still, you cant buy comforts right? by the way, if you guys wondering why i like chelsea. I'm not into football actually. but sometimes its really fun to watch it. ah I'm not good at lying right? specifically, i love football because of the handsome players. beckham, terry, lampard, you name it. but, of course, theres a little happiness to see chelsea winning a match. anyway, i once asked my boy friends, they told me that girls are really sexy in jersey. i can't prove it cause I'm not a boy. but, maybe you want to try your boyfriend or your crush favorite team jersey? ;) i bet it will blow they mind. oh and for sure, these pictures are captured by the talented photographer, kezia adina. thanks pretty darling :)

okay, so usually crop jersey is paired with simple pants. so do i. i did the same. but, i added some cuteness here with those lovely babies up there. pink darling. and of course extra collar and pin collar. the bracelets that comes in colorful alphabet is actually my boyfriend name. so what do you think about the whole outfit?

ah and can i mumbling a little here? well, these days is really hard for me. problems keep coming without permission. and i feel like I'm in the lowest point. but as usually, what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger right? I'm still blogging which mean I'm not killed. and yes, I feel stronger right now. but please, keep pray for me.

and guys, what do you think if my next blog post will about christmas? any suggestion?

anyway, you can look at the details of my outfit right here :

so i guess thats all for today? wishing you a very happy night and weekend. don't be lazy to pass monday. because without monday, theres no saturday. so, stay alerted and see you again! xx

chelsea crop tee - adidas
collar - unbranded
pin studded - sacs et chaussures
glasses - kezia adina's
bracelet - unbranded
short - cotton on
shoes - dr marten


  1. Hey, love the photos. follow back?

  2. so cool!
    love the boots ♥

  3. thanks kak windi for your comment in my blog :) it's my pleasure to use your products! anyway, i am following you now, it would be nice if you follow me back :D

  4. love your boots !

    following you now, hope you follow back :)

  5. you have a nice blog! followed you already ;-)

  6. Totally in love with your shoes! Thanks for your advice (:


  7. loving the collar and shoes :)

  8. I love the colour of your doc martens! The colours look great in this outfit :)

  9. Sporty but still looking fashionale !!! Loyaaa


  10. woooow! you look pretty!
    love ur outfit ;-)


  11. Great post! I love it! ^^ You have a nice blog, mind to follow each other? :)


  12. COOLLLL shorts!


  13. you are so pretty! Love your boots! :D


  14. go for chelsea!!

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  15. Cute outfit! Love your collar and shades! <3


  16. I love the shoes! wooott, and huge fans of soccer!!
    merry Christmas!