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Sunday, March 30, 2014


so sad. march will be over tomorrow. can't believe we've been through the first 3 months in 2014. time do flies really fast. and we will be facing new problems, new day and new blessings as day comes. and everything will be changing to something we never had before. something that we didn't know we will have or we will do. and that's the beauty of life isn't it?
everyday i learning something new. not only about people around us, but also with something that happening these past months. and another blessings that i have just show me how much future is a real adventure

Sunday, March 23, 2014


hello guys. maybe this is my last post for this month. though i really proud because i can update almost weekly. and this is my outfit for sunday brunch with my family. usually on sunday morning i always eat brunch with my family. we always prefer dimsum. well, its chinese food, but i really like it though. not too much in the morning for my stomach.

anyway, i've been in love with these shoes. got it from editorials market, as you can see before in my last post before this. my sister showed me these when i visited her weeks ago. and i kinda in love with it in the first sight. well, its not that heavy. its really comfortable walking in this.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

through the dark

second post for this year. i know that i've been abandoned the blog for 3 months, that's why i want to update as soon as i can. back to the blog, as you can see in my other post. i love black. i mean like, this color goes with every other colors right? and it just so me.
anyway, can you read the t-shirt? my hair kinda make it hard to read. but i swear its really cute. who doesn't love sarcasm right?

Monday, March 3, 2014

queen of hearts

hello again fellas. i know its my first post in 2014. i've been so busy. and my sister too. that's why i cant upload new post. she always take my picture, thats why. anyway how yours day?
enjoy my new post. its taken just today. i wear my hearts pattern shirt that super comfortable. with heart necklace. and look at the clutch. very cute right?