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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

another history to tell

bonjour everyone. since i want to do a little revenge to my lack post months ago, i promise to myself to keep updating this blog at least once in a week. so, I'm gonna post something new again. and surprise surprise, i post something a little bit different with my previous post. here is the teaser :

so you may wondering, dress? yes, its totally different with my personality. i don't like to wear any kind of dresses. but, once it fits me, i won't see another one. sounds so loyal and picky right? well, its because of my curvy body. i admit it in many of my posts that I'm not skinny. i tried any kind of diet. but still, failed. thats because when i see any kind of food, i'd love to try to! yes. who can say "no" to desserts? so tempting right?

and before explaining my looks, i want to say thank you to my another addition to my family. kezia adina. she such a sweet heart. she really patient and talented. you can her works with her friends in here. you will fallen' in love to her captures. of course she won't let me to pay for her service. but still, free doesn't mean bad. scroll down!

and I'm sorry if the colors are not so good. because I'm the one who edited it. I'm too excited to see the pictures, so i asked cia the memory. I'm sorry, my bad. well back to my looks. i got this dress from new look. well, i can't lie. the cutting of the clothes are extremely good. and the store selling many kind of style that you can choose and of course the SIZE! they have big size also. so if you feel like me. curve body, don't be worry. you can have good dress in your size too. first time i saw it, i totally love the asymmetric cutting. and once i realized its fit me, i bought it. and I'm not wrong right to choose this dress? thoughts?

and here are some of the details. which one do you prefer? my left or right hands? the knuckles clutch or the rings? if you can't decide, you are in my team. thats why, i want to add some of my boyish looks with the accessories.

and here is the detail of my shoes. well, i want to say thank you to whoever that made this shoes. it really comfortable. and really glamour. i don't get tired even i need to stand at the party. its like you wear flat shoes. so, i totally recommend this shoes for you girls who prefer comfy than model.

and to be true, i really love the red soles. sexy! anyway, i want to share something with you guys as always. i always want to share something, beside always complaining and talking about fashion all day long. i think that spread some good words maybe will effect something good to others. so why not?

actually, I'm not that fat years ago. but i prefer to say it curve. cause fat sounds so terrible. years ago, i faced something terrible. i really stressed and started to eat everything that i want. actually girls, you can eat everything you want, but remember, do sports and don't eat junk food too much. but thats what i had. i ate junk food too much without doing sports. and also, I'm a big bone. so from size XS, i need to wear XL. but thanked God, not only getting weight, i also got height. so, my old friend was so shocked. they didn't recognize me until i smile at them and say hi. i know, its bad.

so, i starting to love beauty and fashion just like the another girls. i started to think that i won't have any boyfriend because I'm so fat. and i started to get strict diet. i suffered and yes, i lose some weight. but then, every time i had a boyfriend, i fell in love, i getting fatter. i knew its because I'm happy. bit still its not good. I'm not complaining about my body here. I'm giving you my experiences. i started to not eat anything, and its bad. i started to wear oversize clothes because I don't have any self confidence, and i started to think that I'm ugly. until one day, my mom told me that : "you are pretty, but go lose some weight. i bet your prettiness will come out". and i tried but still failed. and i realized. diet is not about don't get anything to your stomach. its totally wrong. you will make your body weaker and weaker. from what i experienced, i drink orange juice for breakfast. i still have my lunch, i eat dessert and i eat my dinner before 6 pm. and i don't do sports. i do, walking more, less your laziness. start to do your own thing. don't ask anything by shouting loud to your maid. and yes, i lose my weight.

girls, you are pretty the way you are. i know it may sounds bullshit. but not every boy seeing your beauty by your face. and it  may sounds so annoying, but, be you. you can't be no one. because others are taken. your real personality makes you perfect. slim body, good skin, big eyes, pointed nose, long legs, are only bonus from God. you don't have to show off your beauty. people will tell you beautiful because they see it. not because you try to show it to everybody. and if you are have the same problem like mine, please, still eat your food. don't eat junk food and realized this : that only dogs are go for bones. actually i asked some of my boy friends. they told me the same statement. at the first time, they love skinny girl. they will look so pretty and fits every clothes. but when they want to hug someone, they need someone who not bones and fragile. haha.

anyway, make sure you have your own confidence! show the world who you are. if they not accepting you for who you are, remove them from your life. it may sounds so cruel, but yes! don't let the negativity makes you down. they can put you down, but only you who can let yourself down. and if you have some problems and no one to share, i would be happy if you want to share it with me. I'm not helping much, but i hope a little talk will make your day better.

so, bye for now pretty girls and awesome boys. make sure you are worth the world today!

no one can make you down unless you let them. stay strong

dress - new look
knuckles clutch - thailand
skeleton ring - sacs et chaussures
arty ring - YSL
shoes - nine west
confidence and beauties - myself :)


  1. such amazing dress, love it! <33


  2. you look amazing and gorgeous ;)

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  4. You look super fab!

    Mind to follow each other?

    jessie xx

  5. love your outfit esp with you heels..

  6. you look gorgeous dear :) love your heels!

  7. it's true what you wrote here. i used to be fat too years ago. until 2 years ago I started dating my bf, he accept me for what i am, then i feel more and more confident, and i began to lose weight naturally, without any diet or medications. we should love our body first, then it will love you back :)

  8. nice dress!

    would you like to follow each other? ;)

  9. loving your dress! <3 you look stunning. I have problem with my body's weight too.. but yah I think we're just beautiful just the way we are. keep calm and carry on :)

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