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Friday, March 8, 2013

my party

hello blogger friends! long time no post. yes i know. my months been upside down since a lot of tasks need to be done. so, i run out of time and need 30 hours a day and left my blog without any updates ever since. i know how hard i try to spend time for myself, and i still don't have enough time. and you can guess the rest. I'm sick for almost 1 week without doing anything. pity huh? but for now, i finally back to my online diary. because i already launched my products!
and yes, my mighty words this month is :

you can find many products for you right there. and don't worry, price are extremely cheap with the highest quality you will ever get. i promise.
anyway, back to my blog. this outfit is totally simple. because I'm heading for lunch with my cousin. my boyfriend took the photos. thats why its blurry. I'm sorry.