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Friday, September 21, 2012

goodbye blonde

hello there! finally new outfit post. there's a lot struggle in blogging. but finally, i can post this blog. and, I'm so happy to finally blogging. scroll down and know me more.

yup. notice some differences? i cut my bangs. but it was terrible. because my face is actually round. and this make it more worst. and if you have read my posts before, i dyed my hair back to black. but not just plain black. but with ombre color. i choose red. because i love it. extremely fun!
not only with the hair issues but also my curve body. I'm getting fatter! worst. thats why I'm going to plan some diet. any idea?

talking about the fashion, I'm getting simple and curious whats my fashion about? but here i am. nothing but simple. neat and colorful!
anyway, thanks to erica for these pictures. until the next post babes!

denim shirt - topshop
pants - cotton on
bag - forever 21
shoes - doctor martens


  1. in love with the ombre and the shoes ce<3

  2. aaah finally can see you on blogspot!
    you look so pretty dear, love your hair
    and fyi your boots are so cool, love the color so much!<3