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Monday, May 7, 2012

thank you avengers

last saturday, was really a different weekend for me. know why? i don't have any date. but special date!
i bought avengers ticket last tuesday and decided to watch it with my mom, my sisters, my sister boyfriend and my boyfriend.
i never see grand city just as crowded as that day. bet they watch avengers. hahahaha

oh, talking about the outfit that i wore that day, i wore my forever 21 orange shirt. its chiffon anyway. actually, i don't like chiffon as well. i love soft material. such as silk or cotton.
chiffon is soft, but not so me. thoughts?
and, to make it look so playful, i took my favorite accessories, bowler hat!
by the way, why i chose that short pants, thats because, surabaya is so hot lately. literally hot!
and if you're asking about my pants, yes, its cute! you can see the pocket. i love that pants. actually my sister pants. hahaha

as you seen the picture above, nothing much for the make up. just simple make up and cute hello kitty glasses. this just too cute to be true! cause the truth is, i love hello kitty since a long time ago. and can wear her glasses, just made my day.

and for the whole accessories i wore that day, is nothing much too. my favorite rosario necklace. i bought it from (x)xml. and the ring is unbranded.
do you find the layer is too edgy? yes, thats because actually the ring is double ring. i should put it in different fingers. but i chose to wear it differently by put it together. and the result? EDGY, period.

nothing to write again. feel so blessed by writing this blog by my new iMac. thanks daddy and mommy.
see you soon in another post, peeps!
hope you watch avengers as soon as possible. cause that movie is totally awesome!
and please, leave some comment to my post.
need to know you guys better and hope you can give me some negative or positive comment
that will be priceless ! 


shirt - forever 21
jeans - unbranded, thailand
bowler hat - unbranded, online shop
hellokitty glasses - singapore
accessories - necklace;(x)sml and ring;unbranded
bags - unbranded, thailand
shoes - adorable project