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Friday, April 18, 2014

purple warrior

its april and this is my first post in this month. i know its already mid of april, but i have good news guys. i already accepted in my new academy. my class started on mid may. which mean in a month, i'm leaving indonesia. i hope i'm not homesick since i'm going to be all alone. but i can't wait also because my sister is going with me, so i'm going to post more! but the sad thing is she's leaving after 3 days. i'm going to miss her. because she's the one that always taken my pictures. she sometimes helps me to choose some of my outfit. and i love it! because she just genius at it. can't believe we're now going separate ways. she's going to stay in Singapore and i'm in Malaysia. can't believe that time do really fast. our time together and enjoying days with playing and fooling around just came to an end. but i hope the best for her study. i know she will success because she always do her best in everything.