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Thursday, June 7, 2012

midnight sun

hello girls, hope you fine. not too much writing, I'm going to have a test and write this very quickly. another post for outfit. and I'm sorry if the quality is really bad. my boyfriend is not here so i need to edit my photos by myself. and I'm sorry, because i can't edited it well. and the picture quality just so bad. i know, again, I'm sorry. this is because actually i want to took the photos in the evening. but we rushed! the movie starts in 30minutes and i don't even in the mall yet. so i decided to took the photos in my living room in the night. so here we are.

actually i want to take the photo for this skirt long time ago. but i don't have any time to take it. so when the is right i finally have an idea to take this skirt with my laces top. laces is so back months ago. but with fashion, it will never too late. because of the color, i decided to wear something brighter and more colorful. so i paired yellow and grey. not bad right?

ah, to be true i want to wear high heels but i decided to make it more vintage by wearing those shoes. what do you think?

anyway, the bag is my 2nd anniversary gift from  my boyfriend. thanks to you. love is when you give the girls something that useful for her blog. LOL! just kidding.

laces top - forever 21
asymmetric skirt - sacs et chaussures
shoes - random store
bag - charles and keith
accessories - random store

anyway, goodbye girls! see you in another post! and wish me good luck for my test. hope can past this term without bad grades even I'm so lazy. hahaha. don't forget join my giveaway girls. caoo!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

united kingdomnese

Finally! new post again. i want to be a blogger so i try to update my blogger frequently. these photos are captured and edited by my boyfriend, Ivan. thank you so much sayang. this post is my favorite one. so colorful and so me. this outfit inspired from one direction. they became one of my favorite boyband. the fashion are so inspired. i watched their music video and saw so many girls are screaming. i was so mesmerized by their fashion! england is totally inspires me.

scroll down to look at the details

if you're questioning about the thing that i brought in my hands are my iPad. yes, the stickers i put is union jack just because i love those pattern so much. bags, ring are union jack's too. so in love! and my bow tie, actually its not a tie. its my hair clip. i bought it a long time ago. and to make it more chic, i used that as my bow tie, cuteness.

bowler hat - sacs et chaussures
plaid shirt - gaudi
bag - random shop
ring - sacs et chaussures
pants - zara
shoes - adorable project

so, what do you think about this post? simple comment can make me smile! see you at the another post girls. oh anyway, if you're selling these lovely pattern, contact me! i want the asap. and last thing i want to say, don't forget to join my giveaway. they will closed on 10th of june. get 5 rings for you girls. cheers!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

final chance

this style today inspires from the dress that i bought a long time ago, but i never wear it. i just love the pattern. and the cotton, its so comfortable. but i don't have the right time to wear it. luckily, i have the chance last saturday to wear it. but i won't make it too formal so i wear this plaid shirt to make it more casual. i love the vintage looks yet the shoes just so adorable. not my type of color, but i love it in the very first time i looked at this shoes.

and for the accessories, i wear the leather bracelet so its not too different with the plaid shirt that i wore. for the ring, double nails ring will never goes wrong.

plaid shirt - zara
mini dress - forever 21
leather bracelet and accessories - sacs et chaussures online shop
shoes - adorable project

anyway, i gonna make my first giveaway. so, better stay tune in my next blog. there will be 5 winner there. yes, 5 WINNER! so, don't forget to check out my blog.
see ya girls.