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Sunday, November 10, 2013



new post again for november. its crazy how i feel like i just started this year and this year already come to it ends. thinking of how time goes by are super insane. it give me chills everytime i realize that I'm not teen again. i mean like come on, twenty is young, but you're not a teenager anymore. agree?

so, anyway i need your help guys. a lot of you dropped me some comment about the quality of the size of my photos. i appreciated it. and to be truth, im not a geek in computer. so i need a help here. actually im not resizing the photos. i even put maximum quality. but still, after i finished uploading all the photos, its getting small by itself. and i don't know why. so can you guys explain? ergh.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

magical unicorn

new post again. anyway this is my first post for november. and i promise will post weekly for november because i have many spare time, finally. and i'm so sorry for the photo's quality. since its taken indoor, the light is not really good. and the lens that i brought is fix lens. so you can guess the rest. but, since the outfit is really cute, i want to upload it anyway.