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Thursday, September 27, 2012

peace and love

finally, new post again. I'm quite disappointed to myself because i lost my camera's battery. and it sucks, i can't have a good quality for my birthday dinner. my sister captured all of the photos with my iPhone. and thanked God, the camera is better than my iPad. so i can have better picture. yes, i celebrated my birthday yesterday with my family and my boyfriend, ivan. actually my little sister is having her birthday on 25th of september. one day earlier from me. but we still celebrate it together. and back to my personal style today, i don't wear anything too formal. because we went to angus house, which mean, should go to wtc.. if you guys from surabaya, you must know that wtc is scary. and i cant wear anything too eye-catching there. people will stare at us so badly.

here is the details for my outfit yesterday. still simple but also colorful :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

goodbye blonde

hello there! finally new outfit post. there's a lot struggle in blogging. but finally, i can post this blog. and, I'm so happy to finally blogging. scroll down and know me more.

yup. notice some differences? i cut my bangs. but it was terrible. because my face is actually round. and this make it more worst. and if you have read my posts before, i dyed my hair back to black. but not just plain black. but with ombre color. i choose red. because i love it. extremely fun!
not only with the hair issues but also my curve body. I'm getting fatter! worst. thats why I'm going to plan some diet. any idea?