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Monday, December 30, 2013

somewhere new

i know i sucks at choosing tittle. but somehow this tittle really fits that its the last day of the year. i know that time flies really fast. and maybe some of you guys don't want it to ended. but somehow it must to. so you don't have any option other that appreciate it. so what you guys gonna do at the end of the year? mine i bet really sucks. because my parents are not home today. so i need to stay at home.

anyway, i hope you guys have a beautiful new year. which mean we start somewhere new. anything. like new hobby, new resolution, new dreams, but don't forget to re-read the past. just don't stay at it. it good to see how your past, but its not good to stay at it.

Sunday, November 10, 2013



new post again for november. its crazy how i feel like i just started this year and this year already come to it ends. thinking of how time goes by are super insane. it give me chills everytime i realize that I'm not teen again. i mean like come on, twenty is young, but you're not a teenager anymore. agree?

so, anyway i need your help guys. a lot of you dropped me some comment about the quality of the size of my photos. i appreciated it. and to be truth, im not a geek in computer. so i need a help here. actually im not resizing the photos. i even put maximum quality. but still, after i finished uploading all the photos, its getting small by itself. and i don't know why. so can you guys explain? ergh.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

magical unicorn

new post again. anyway this is my first post for november. and i promise will post weekly for november because i have many spare time, finally. and i'm so sorry for the photo's quality. since its taken indoor, the light is not really good. and the lens that i brought is fix lens. so you can guess the rest. but, since the outfit is really cute, i want to upload it anyway.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

the bad side

so how you guys doing? finally new post again. because my sister, Jennifer willingly to took my photos today, and don't want to waste any time. i just grab some outfit that i really like these past few day. something bold, black and leather. anyway, my week has been good. everything back to normal. i feel happier more than ever. and may i say that a little crush just make me feeling excited in everything i do?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

bring me back

well, i do miss childhood times. where, people are not judgemental b*, and everything was so simple. i do miss the time when friendship were so simple. just because we met someone, we were happy and bam! we became friends. not care what other think, not care of the world. just us and our happy time. where do time go? i really miss it

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

new yorker

another blog post in this month. well you guys should give me a virtual hug for me! *hug*
anyway, these photos are taken weeks ago in Clarke Quay Singapore. i don't know if i misspell, so correct me if i wrong. anyway, people usually come here to have some fun and hangout. there's many club here. but i definitely not someone who into club thing. beside, i came here with my family too. i'm more into food. but who doesn't right?

so my outfit post today is not in new york. but i can't find another title. so why not? and little details about my t-shirt. its super amazebeans. which mean its not expensive and super comfortable. its really soft and the material are high quality, thats why i fell in love to this shirt.

Sunday, August 4, 2013



here i post another blog for you guys. i know its less than a week than my last post. but i literally home alone here and have nothing to do. so i decided to post my outfit look.

some of you may know that Singapore's weather is extremely hot nowadays. but sometimes its raining unexpectedly. so that's why i chose to wear this very simple and so me outfit. just t-shirt and super comfortable pants. this pants been an 'it items' . its look like pajamas but actually they're not. i bought a few pairs of the from cotton on. and this one is my favorite one. check out some others of my picture too here

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

singapore madness


welcome to blogging world again. *happy* *patmyback* finally after skipped few months, i got a chance to finally back blogging. but today im going to blogging about my day in Singapore also. well, finally, my sister fefe approved and going to spend her 3 years in Singapore as NAFA student. you can check out her blog for her assignment. she blogging about art and others. i wish her the best for everything. and massive thank you to my best friend chinthia for accompanying me in Singapore. she even took some of my photos! talented isn't she?

blablabla im not gonna blabbing until years, so now dungaree is back to 'it items' this season. and this is my photos with my lovely dungaree and i paired it with this crop top that super comfy for Singapore's weather :

Friday, March 8, 2013

my party

hello blogger friends! long time no post. yes i know. my months been upside down since a lot of tasks need to be done. so, i run out of time and need 30 hours a day and left my blog without any updates ever since. i know how hard i try to spend time for myself, and i still don't have enough time. and you can guess the rest. I'm sick for almost 1 week without doing anything. pity huh? but for now, i finally back to my online diary. because i already launched my products!
and yes, my mighty words this month is :

you can find many products for you right there. and don't worry, price are extremely cheap with the highest quality you will ever get. i promise.
anyway, back to my blog. this outfit is totally simple. because I'm heading for lunch with my cousin. my boyfriend took the photos. thats why its blurry. I'm sorry.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


i find your lips so kissable
and your kiss unmissable
your fingertips so touchable
and your eyes irresistible

irresistible - one direction