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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

singapore madness


welcome to blogging world again. *happy* *patmyback* finally after skipped few months, i got a chance to finally back blogging. but today im going to blogging about my day in Singapore also. well, finally, my sister fefe approved and going to spend her 3 years in Singapore as NAFA student. you can check out her blog for her assignment. she blogging about art and others. i wish her the best for everything. and massive thank you to my best friend chinthia for accompanying me in Singapore. she even took some of my photos! talented isn't she?

blablabla im not gonna blabbing until years, so now dungaree is back to 'it items' this season. and this is my photos with my lovely dungaree and i paired it with this crop top that super comfy for Singapore's weather :

so who's like my red lipstick? it became my favorite color lately. its so bold for outdoor photos. it just stands out more. and did you notice my short hair? sadly my hair just damaged because i always dye it oftenly. than i decided to cut it to remove my damaged hair *sad*

anyway, thats all about my outfit. dont forget to follow my instagram to keep updated. i post about food, clothes, and anything i like. but i promise you guys, i will update again! so bare with me with my ordinary but super fun lately life. 

cat bowler hat - Sacs et Chaussures
aviator - charles and keith
heart pouch - mango
crop top and dungaree - new look
shoes - h&m

bloopers :


  1. cute handbaggg<3

    instagram: @michelleothman

  2. gorgeous style!
    want to follow each other?

  3. you look so pretty!
    love how you combine this outfit!


  4. Pretty!! Nice post :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥