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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

bring me back

well, i do miss childhood times. where, people are not judgemental b*, and everything was so simple. i do miss the time when friendship were so simple. just because we met someone, we were happy and bam! we became friends. not care what other think, not care of the world. just us and our happy time. where do time go? i really miss it

so, basically thank you so much to my dear Chinthia, for being my photographer of the day. she is one of my friend. when being friend with her is only need one condition. be who you are. because she like the other half of me. anyway, you such a beauty. face and heart. i know you will read this, and you will smile. i love making you smile, because when you smile, i know that i am a good friend for you

details :

anyway, i will update again soon promise. not too much talking this time. I'm not really in a mood. anyway, follow my instagram . i always updates pictures everyday. we should be friends right? just ask me to following you back, and we can share each other our daily pictures

outer - topshop
crop tee - new look
cat bag - h&m
chunky heels - forever 21
cat headpiece - sacsetchaussures
bracelet watch - karl lagerfeld collection


  1. so in love with the cat bag <3

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  2. Great look so bad that the pics are so little!

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  3. cute bag

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  4. same with your blog's name "sacs et chaussures" j'adore tes sacs et chaussures :) t'as deja choisi un bon nom pour ton blog

  5. tas nyaaa! <3 <3
    kalo beli tas nya di sunday market diskon nggak ce? :p
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    Wulan Wu on

  6. nice look, great denim outer. Um, anyway why don't you put a bigger image on your post, so we can clearly watch your fabulous outfits.

    well, when we getting old life seems getting harder right, haters around conflict, comes, but it doesn't mean that when we're not in the childhood stage anymore then we can't be happy. Now we can compare and understand which friends is true or fake, right? Get close to the honest one and have fun!

  7. lovely blog :)