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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

new yorker

another blog post in this month. well you guys should give me a virtual hug for me! *hug*
anyway, these photos are taken weeks ago in Clarke Quay Singapore. i don't know if i misspell, so correct me if i wrong. anyway, people usually come here to have some fun and hangout. there's many club here. but i definitely not someone who into club thing. beside, i came here with my family too. i'm more into food. but who doesn't right?

so my outfit post today is not in new york. but i can't find another title. so why not? and little details about my t-shirt. its super amazebeans. which mean its not expensive and super comfortable. its really soft and the material are high quality, thats why i fell in love to this shirt.

another details to my outfit :

long story short, i fell in love to churros here, from the first bite. i know i like to exxagerate. but seriously it tastes amazing. you should try it.

and here are some other photos that taken with my friend, Chinthia. she such a sweet heart. she took my photos and told me how to pose, because i really shy, Clarke Quay is always crowded. and people kept looking at us somehow. weird feeling

and here is my little baby brother. Austin.

so, thats all. i will post more blog again soon. and I'm coming to Singapore again soon. whoop whoop. actually, i will go for 2 days only. because I can't wait a day more for One Direction Movie. aha! don't blame me. blame Louis for being so handsome and funny. my type of guy. lol

baseball hat - dickies
stripes shoes - h&m
new york t-shirt - h&m


  1. You know to be soo elegant, super chic! The right word is amazing

    Would you like follow each other? I'll be soo glad :) let me know


  2. totally in love with that tee <3 gorgeous :) anyway would u mind checking out my newest post? thanks before <3 xx

  3. love love love the new york vibe on the outfit! it has so much dazed off feeling in the right amount of androgynie itself! and omg I cant wait for the movie too!

    1. i know right!!! you should come with me for their premiere in Singapore :)))

  4. Cool cap and dress :D


  5. cute look! i was so hooked on churros & their outrageously thick hot chocolate when i was in barcelona!! missed it so much now.


  6. you look pretty!
    i love your dress!


  7. very cute! i love your dress and bag

  8. nice look, love the shoes most
    wish I could see those picts larger :)

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  9. That's a chic, casual look. You girls look stunning!
    Visit me too sometime!