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Friday, March 8, 2013

my party

hello blogger friends! long time no post. yes i know. my months been upside down since a lot of tasks need to be done. so, i run out of time and need 30 hours a day and left my blog without any updates ever since. i know how hard i try to spend time for myself, and i still don't have enough time. and you can guess the rest. I'm sick for almost 1 week without doing anything. pity huh? but for now, i finally back to my online diary. because i already launched my products!
and yes, my mighty words this month is :

you can find many products for you right there. and don't worry, price are extremely cheap with the highest quality you will ever get. i promise.
anyway, back to my blog. this outfit is totally simple. because I'm heading for lunch with my cousin. my boyfriend took the photos. thats why its blurry. I'm sorry.

and, what do you think about my new hair? i know. i can't stay with black hair. so i decided to dyed it to emerald green. its light under the sun light. i won't make it too crazy. my boyfriend said, his mother will come to town this sunday. i won't make his mother so surprise with my crazy hair. lol

OH! AND TAKE A LOOK AT MY CLUTCH! what do you think guys? leave me some comment. its from my collection. you can see it in 'bags' section :)

thats all for today. see you around guys!

red blazer - h&m
black bustier - online shop
pants - cotton on
ladypump - christian louboutin
studded clutch - SEC by Windi


  1. I absolutely love how classy this outfit is, it's not overdone, but it's on the right context, I know this spring is being overloaded with black and white, and I simply love how you matched it up with the red! and again, congrats on your newest line, loving it, can't wait to collaborate! I know the hair would look better bleached, but, oh well:)

    check out my latest outfit post "Stay" on THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE-

    1. yes i know right! i will make it lighter later. but not this week. lol
      anyway, i will contact you for the collabs. still busy with my things. but thank you so much! love youu <3

  2. the clutch is amazing!

  3. red never goes wrong! so pretty.
    congrats for your line :D

  4. love the blazer and all the best for the line !
    do join my giveaway :)
    join chicnova


  5. love this outfit! And your clutch is gorgeous o:

  6. congrats for you shop party! :D
    the houndstooth collections are fab ❤
    and really love your red blazer with that clutch :)

  7. you look wonderful! I love how you can wear red and white altogether without end up looking like Indonesian flag :D
    and your hair looks great, I must say. congrats for your shop!!

  8. it's not blurry! you look very chic, love the clutch!! :D

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  10. Great outfit, very classy! I like it!
    Interesting blog!

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  11. very classy! a perfection for dressing up corporate x ❤

  12. amazing outfit ! love the bag !
    Maybe we follow each other!?
    Follow me, Let me know & i´ll follow back ;-D



  13. love your clutch dear :D


  14. Love this!! Please check out my blog at! Hope you'll follow on Bloglovin!

  15. You're such a hottie! That red blazer really gives those white jeans an edge. You look equal parts badass and chic. Following you on GFC!

    May the Force be with you.