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Thursday, January 10, 2013


i find your lips so kissable
and your kiss unmissable
your fingertips so touchable
and your eyes irresistible

irresistible - one direction

lately, my playlist songs just playing around one direction songs. and i adore them so much. i knew at the first time 2 years ago, they will famous in simple time. and as we can see, it is now. anyway, those pick up lines are the most words that keep playing around my head. sweet but not cheesy. you guys should download or buy their album. because its worth the sweetness that you will hear and feel.

back to my blog post. I'm sorry that i don't post anything in january. its because my life been upside down since new year. theres a lot to handle. and i just spent my 3 days holidays with my family from Singapore. and you can see my outfit post there in my instagram. its "windiwuisan". follow me, i don't mind to follow back.

these pictures are still captured by kezia adina. the talented photographer from Surabaya. and as you see above, my pictures are in 2 different background. the simple white and the colorful yellow. which one do you like the most?

anyway, quick review from me. the color block pants are from new look. and its super comfortable. you guys should try they items. just worth with the price, model, and comforts. and the chunky heels from forever 21 are so chick! the color are so catchy. and i don't lie, the comforts are what i like the most. and the bag leather is really good. you guys should try this brand also. its baby phat by kimora lee. the color are confusing. so i rather to call it chameleon. because sometimes its black, blue, or something like it.

here are the other details :

accessories - online shop
orange shirt - forever 21
color block pants - new look
bag - baby phat by kimora lee
chunky heels - forever 21

and finally guys, I'm back in business. to all of the Indonesian bloggers that want to get free item for your blog post from my shop, just contact me or do comment at my box below. i will contact you. anyway, thats all for today. i know its super late, but enjoy your 2013. make it unforgettable, make more sparkles and keep shining. be bold, be the one who stand when others sit. be the one who stay when other leave. last but not least, smile girls! because your smile can bring others smile to their frown face. mwaxxxx!


  1. total cuteness!

  2. I like the colour combination in your outfit ;)
    Lately, 1D has been in my head as well, I should definitely get the album soon xD

    Have a nice day,

  3. I love your shoes windi!!!


  4. cute look. love the hat, but then i am a sucker for hats, esp. bowler hats. the shorts are really fun too. love that they are two toned!
    xx rae

  5. nice style, cute hat! i love the yellow BG :) can i have a free stuff for my blog? i welcomed sponsorship on my blog, btw :)

  6. Such a cute outfit :D

    X Jenny

  7. Very cute outfit!

    Cool pants!!

    xx Mounia

  8. bold colors outfit are so fresh!
    it looks good on you :D

  9. nice outfit :) the necklace looks nice and it really stands out :)

  10. you look really really cool in those colors ;) pretty!

    Pudding Monster

  11. Cute pictures!

  12. cute outfit, I really like the shorts<3
    ah, and I prefer the yellow background one :D

  13. such a nice outfit *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  14. perfect combo <3

  15. I lovee your outfit!! Where did you get your chaussures? Moi, I have been trying to find chaussures au québec for awhile now..have any ideas of good magasins there? :)

  16. Pretty outfits! You look great!
    Maybe you want to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin? Check my blog and let me know! I would love it!