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Sunday, March 30, 2014


so sad. march will be over tomorrow. can't believe we've been through the first 3 months in 2014. time do flies really fast. and we will be facing new problems, new day and new blessings as day comes. and everything will be changing to something we never had before. something that we didn't know we will have or we will do. and that's the beauty of life isn't it?
everyday i learning something new. not only about people around us, but also with something that happening these past months. and another blessings that i have just show me how much future is a real adventure
anyway, in may i will be temporarily moving to Malaysia. if you guys happen one of Malaysia, you should tell me. we can arrange a meet up soon. i will be taking new major right there. in culinary, specifically in pastry. and it will be so thrilling because i will learning something new everyday. because i will be so alone, at first i didn't know if i can survive but as days go by, i have this strength that i know that i will survive and i can do it. pray for me guys!

talking about this outfit, it quiet simple but these just screams me! i know, i know, black and stuff. but i love it. ever heard "i'll stop wearing black when they invent darker color" ? the first time i read this statement i just feel like : oh my god! thats me obviously. lol
i keep it really comfortable, because lately Surabaya just so hot. and i don't mean like hot in a beach. more like hot in a hell. and oh my god, people just keep sweating and sick because it goes from rainy season to summer. but summer in my country doesn't mean sunny day with breeze, it means hell just loose up. and i just can't stand it. like come on, you want to wear sweater in this kind of season? i bet my starbucks card, that you will just loosen up. lol

and talking about make up. i finally found this kind of red. i kinda obsessed with vampire and werewolf lately. blame vampire diaries and teen wolf. i keep watching them everyday and i kinda love the vampire-ish make up but not finding the perfect red. red blood. and i stumble to NYX make up counter one day and found this. at first i just like buying it because i love the color. but now i want to collect all of the color. because its matte and long lasting. you know girls mostly problem with red lips is they kinda not long lasting when you eat or drink. but this one is different and i love it!

anyway, pardon my puffy eyes. but look at this little creature. so cute and fluffy. gah! kinda want to adopt one. easter is coming! and thank you to my little sister jenni for taking my pictures. anyway, see you in april guys. i want to upload so much post before moving. so if i'm busy, i still can make up with my another posts

details :
hat - forever 21
top - new look
shoes - stradivarius
bag - louis vuitton
watch - daniel wellington


  1. Really love the tee!>< i want one too teehee:3:3

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  2. Good luck on your studies! I always want to open a patisserie <3


  3. Face & style is awesome!!!!!Great outfit dear!!!
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  4. Haha time flies so fast you don't even realize it! xD Yeah that's the perks of living in such tropical country. The sun shines way too bright at dry season and cloudy and floods everywhere in wet season. Serba salah!


  5. wow, nice lip color <333


  6. Loooveee you hat so much dear! Great outfit :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  7. I seriously love your outfit!
    Anyways, would you like to follow each other? Follow me and then ill follow you back instantly.

  8. Nice outfit, I love your shoes! The little bunny is so adorable as well :) x

  9. cool top dear :D


  10. Love how you styled this outfit! By the way, I really like your hair color <3

    xx, Chaereen