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Monday, March 3, 2014

queen of hearts

hello again fellas. i know its my first post in 2014. i've been so busy. and my sister too. that's why i cant upload new post. she always take my picture, thats why. anyway how yours day?
enjoy my new post. its taken just today. i wear my hearts pattern shirt that super comfortable. with heart necklace. and look at the clutch. very cute right?

anyway, this skirt is super cute. i really like it. its super comfortable. not too stretch, so i can move easily. but still i need to be extra careful when sitting. because the slit is obviously a little high. but after all, i love it though.

 hat - forever 21
shirt - stradivarius
skirt - sacsetchaussures
shoes - withsu
perspex clutch - pinacolada

 so, see you again until the next post. i won't talk much, because i'm going to watch more gossip girl. yes, i know its a little bit late. because i hate waiting for serials. that's why i'm waiting until its finished, and i started to watch it. weird? i guess so.