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Sunday, March 23, 2014


hello guys. maybe this is my last post for this month. though i really proud because i can update almost weekly. and this is my outfit for sunday brunch with my family. usually on sunday morning i always eat brunch with my family. we always prefer dimsum. well, its chinese food, but i really like it though. not too much in the morning for my stomach.

anyway, i've been in love with these shoes. got it from editorials market, as you can see before in my last post before this. my sister showed me these when i visited her weeks ago. and i kinda in love with it in the first sight. well, its not that heavy. its really comfortable walking in this.

and ignore my thighs. i kinda gained weight again. ergh. so desperate with this problem. anyone here know how to lose weight in natural way should spill their secrets.

that's all for today post. i hope you guys like my outfit. and if you guys want to follow each other, just comment below. and i will follow you guys :)

plaid shirt - stradivarius
top - forever 21
shoes - editorial market

1 comment:

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