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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


"you are my homie, lover and friend
exactly why you light me up inside
like the forth of july
whenever you're around
i always seems to smile
then people ask me how
well you're the reason why
i'm dancing in the mirror
singing in the shower"
Shower -- Becky G

well, finally im posting from my lovely bed while digging to my favorite snack and listening to my favorite songs. it feels like forever. anyway, i've been put this shower song on replay. you can see her video here : Becky G - Shower
you can see, she's so loveable, good song to jam and very catchy. not too heavy, like you can listen to this song everyday.

anyway, this is holiday week, so i have spare time to post before august end. throw back to few weeks back in Singapore. i wear this outfit. because the top is super comfortable. and so light. because as you know, Singapore's weather is damn hot. so i have to go as simple as i can. and the blazer is actually not too thick. but it fits perfectly to me.

and before that, i want to say Happy Ramadhan to all of you who celebrate and reading this. hope you have a good month of fasting, ramadhan and holiday! hope we can meet again in next ramadhan :)

so, enjoy my pictures and dont forget to drop me comments whatever you like to write about. tell me about your holiday! see you on august post

more details :

hat - H&M
blazer - H&M
white top - forever21
polcadot pants - forever 21
shoes - editorials market
bag - topshop
accessories - mix


  1. Cool hat and purse! xx

  2. I love that song from Becky G! <3 and gurlll you look greatt esp those shorts! Soo cute


  3. Such great look on you, very nice outfit. Great post!

  4. nice outfit!
    I love the bag <3

  5. nice shoes! <3

  6. love the short and the hat!!!
    i have a great holiday by the way :)


  7. love this outfit so much, amazing shoes!

  8. Thank you for checking out my blog!

    I love your hair and your outfit. Do you need to re dye the ends quite a bit?

  9. Nice outfit. Casual and chic! the polkadot short is so cute <3

    Deasy Tantra

  10. this is such a cool outfit! love your shorts and shoes! :)

    Metallic Paws

  11. great look, love your shoes <3!!

  12. Love your outfit! You look stunning!

    Monica Harmony's Blog