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Monday, June 16, 2014

stay with me

"i dont want you to leave, would you hold my hand?
oh won't you stay with me? cause you're all i need"
-- Stay With Me, Sam Smith

ah this song just stuck in my head lately. i downloaded 2 versions of these. if you know Sam Smith, then i bet you know why i like him. these days lately people can't sing live as good as the live version. but make an exception for him. cause he's just so damn good. and guess who cover this song and can sing it perfectly like its he's own song? yes. no other than Ed Sheeran. these guys just cant stop make me amazed with their talent.

anyhow, i really feel this feeling that i hold inside my heart lately. i doing good here. and i want to keep moving forward and finished my school, and take more classes. but i miss my family so much. especially my mother and my little brother. so i kinda feel lonely sometimes cause i know that they're not around anymore like it used to be.
enough about me talking non-sense. so, i want to say sorry first. i know the picture is so plain. its because i took the pictures just in front of my house. i dont have any idea where to go. because these just few hours before my flight back to Malaysia. so i just asked my little sister for helping me taking the pictures. and one more thing. as you can see, i changed my hair color!!!! back to black. but a little highlight on the tip.

and what do you think about my new hair? do you like it better with blonde color or this black color? because people always giving different opinion. and i will glad to hear it from you also!

i think thats all. i hope i can update some more later. see you guys. sending you guys lot of hugs and kisses !

hat - forever 21
top - cloth inc
bottom - pull&bear
shoes - editorial markets
accessories - karl lagerfield, labdagatic, fossil, forever 21


  1. Hat and Boots are match !
    Love your ombre hair too!

    Follow me back? I already follow your blog dear
    Visit mine,

  2. Love your ombre hair and love your boots !

    Chic Swank

  3. nice shoes sweety :)
    anyway i prefer your blondeyy hair, haha but this is also suit you well

  4. Great look, so edgy, interesting and fashion forward :)