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Sunday, October 5, 2014


"cause nobody knows you baby, the way i do
and nobody loves you baby, the way i do
its been so long, its been so long, you must be fireproof
cause nobody saves me baby, the way you do"
Firepoof -- One Direction

back detail :

okay, so i know that i'm not posting anything on september. thats because im so terribly busy. and i dont have time to snap some pictures. but also, i'm so happy. i had a long weekend last september. because i have my birthday, and i skipped some classes to go back to hometown. i'm so happy. its just feel so nice to finally settle a little bit longer and enjoying indonesian food again. spicy things makes me drooling everytime. so its just a precious moment to cherish. haha

and i cant believe im finally 21! time do flies so fast. i miss being teenager that have lesser responsibility than young adult, who have to do a lot of things. like seriously, i miss being a young teenager and nothing to worries about. but, anyway, we have to keep moving on. so yeah, this is the new life that i have to cherish and make the best out of it.

anyway, i'm posting this while i'm in singapore. i just visit USS last night for singapore's horror night.  im a big fan of scary things. so dont blame me. talking about my outfit, i choose simple outfit that dont make me uncomfortable. because we have to walk a lot in USS and i dont want to hurt my feet so i just go wth these combat shoes that really comfortable.

forgive the awkward pose. its a candid picture taken by my sister. haha

hat - forever 21
inner tshirt - zara
grey dungaree - padini
bag - forever 21
necklace - H&M
bracelet - hermes
shoes - H&M


  1. love your lipstick color


  2. So pretty with that ombre hairr!
    Is that black lipstick, isnt? What brand from dear?

    Followmeback dear,

    1. hi thank you :)
      its from topshop. in color 'depth' xx

  3. awesome place and pretty hair! <3

  4. I love your hair! Gorgeous! Your pictures are great I love how your outfit and background are similar color schemes!

    Made in Mauve